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6th Edition 2017
Explanatory Notes

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McGoldrick's Canadian Customs Tariff will not be available in 2019

Updates on ongoing free-trade negotiations and other agreements not yet in force.(TPP) Canada-Trans Pacific Partnership, concluded October 5, 2015.(CETA) Canada –European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, concluded October 30, 2016.(CUFTA) Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, concluded July 11, 2016.. NAFTA RULES OF ORIGIN: Essential to anyone verifying certificates.TEN STEPS TO DETERMINE IF GOODS QUALIFY FOR NAFTA.All CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN (with instructions on how to complete):NAFTA (US, Mexico), CIFTA (Israel), CCFTA (Chile), CCRFTA (Costa Rica), GPT, LDDC, CARIBCAN, CPFTA (Peru), CEFTA (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein), CCOFTA (Colombia), CJFTA (Jordan), CHFTA (Honduras), CPAFTA (Panama) and CKFTA (Korea).OTHER IMPORTANT FORMS: B3 (Customs Entry), B13A (Export Declaration) , CCI (Canada Customs Invoice), D120 (Canada Customs Bond), E29B (Temporary Admission Permit), and more…List of Canadian and U.S. Brokers (as advertised). Extracts from :Customs Act, Excise Tax Act, Export & Import Permits Act.Import Control List as of December 2016.Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act. Special Import Measures Act (SIMA).SIMA list of goods subject to anti-dumping/countervail duties as of December 2016.Important “D” Series Memoranda (reproduced in abridged form). GST Zero-rated importations and exemption codes.Customs Office Codes by Number and Alphabetical by Region.U.S. Port of Exit Codes.Country Codes (including U.S. States) and Currency Codes.Unit of Measure Codes. Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS).Classification Method for the Harmonized System and Comprehensive Aid to the H.S.Weights and Measures Conversion Tables.

The 2017 Compendium of Classification Opinions is available January 2017!


Online Database

Online Database

Online Database Now Available

We now offer many downloadable products and free downloadables from the World Customs Organization.



McGoldricks Handbook

The Bible of all Customs Books. Rates of duty including benefits of free trade agreements. Certificates of Origin, Up-to-date list of countries and applicable tariff treatments.
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Canadian Tariff

2019 Canadian Tariff only

2019 Canadian Customs tariff only. Updates will be shipped and invoice automatically, unless otherwise stated.

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US Tariff

2019 US Customs Tariff (with binders)

(Harmonized Schedule of the United States). All the Rates of Duty for the year 2019.

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