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6th Edition 2017
Explanatory Notes

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DCE 2019 Canadian Tariff only
2019 Canadian Customs tariff only. Updates will be shipped and invoiced automatically, unless otherwise stated.
  159.95 37.00
DCE-BT 2019 Can Tariff, binders & tabs
2019 Canadian Customs Tariff. All the rates of duty. Including two deluxe binders. Updates will be shipped and invoiced automatically, unless otherwise stated.
  179.95 45.00
DCE-C 2019 Canadian Customs Tariff
2019 Canadian Customs Tariff. All the rates of duty. Including two deluxe binders, and alphabetical index. Updates will be shipped and invoiced automatically, unless otherwise stated.
  255.00 49.00


ALE Alphabetical Index - HS 2017

The edition 2017 of the Alphabetical Index is in application to the revisions made for the 5th edition of the Harmonized System Nomenclature and to the Explanatory Notes of the Harmonized System.

This Index is an alphabetical list (Column 1) of the articles and products mentioned in the HS and its Explanatory Notes.

The references against each article or product listed in Column 1 show: in Column 2, the legal Section, Chapter or Subheading Note or the heading or subheading in which that article or product is cited; in Column 3, the pages of the Explanatory Notes in which the article or product is mentioned.

  395.00 30.00
EXE 6th Edition 2017 Explanatory Notes

The Explanatory Notes contain technical descriptions of goods and practical indications for the classification and identification of products. The Explanatory Notes are drafted by the Harmonized System Committee and adopted by the Council; they then form the official interpretation of the Harmonized System at international level.

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IPM **New product we have just launched is called IPM Partner**

IPM Partner is a new exclusive initiative for lawyers and legal representatives involved in Intellectual Property protection. The contribution of legal stakeholders in the fight against counterfeiting is vital and merits a more structured approach. In response to demand, we have developed a framework to include legal stakeholders in the IPM interface. As an IPM Partner, they can:

  • upload information onto IPM on behalf of your clients and be a contact point for customs officers when an action is needed to protect a brand.
  • benefit from the “IPM Official Partner” logo and show your clients and prospective clients that you are working directly with frontline customs officers.
  • be included in an exclusive directory of IP lawyers/brand representatives. This directory will be promoted to all our members and will be accessible on the IPM promotional website.
  • offer the benefits of IPM to your clients.

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ATA ATA Handbook
The ATA is the international Customs document used for temporary duty-free importation
  150.00 20.00
CD-IST CD-Rom Istanbul Convention
This CD-Rom contains the full text of the body of the Istanbul Convention and the Annexes dealing with temporary admission papers and the goods covered by temporary admission under this Convention.
  95.00 22.00
CD-KYO CD-Rom: Revised Kyoto Convention (March 2006)
This electronic publication comprises the Revised International Convention on the simplification and harmonization fo Customs procedures (revised Kyoto Convention), which forms the framework for modern, efficient and effective Customs procedures in the 21st Century.
  250.00 14.00
CD-WCO CD-Rom: Launch of the WCO HS 2007 Conference
This conference, aimed at Customs administrations, international organizations, the business community, economic operators, and others who have a stake in global trade issues, explored the HS and the major amendments contained in its latest version.
  75.00 14.00
CLASS HS Classification Handbook (second edition)

The HS Classification Handbook provides an introduction to the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, usually referred to simply as the Harmonized System or the "HS". It explains the origins of the Harmonized System, gives a detailed description of it, sets out the provisions for its maintenance and describes the complementary publications of the Harmonized System. It also contains the text of the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, the Rules of procedure of the Harmonized System Committee and Sub-Committees and much more.

  275.00 15.00

Now Available!

The Compendium of Classification Opinions includes a list of the most significant/difficult classification decisions taken by the Harmonized System Committee and adopted by the World Customs Organization in order of the headings and sub-headings of the Nomenclature (Harmonized System 2017).

  525.00 37.00
COMP-1-10 Customs Compendiums: Volumes 1 to 10.
This collection forms a vital capacity building tool for Customs administrations in 'developing countries'. It meets both private sector and Members' expectations and makes better practices accessible to Customs officers throughout the world. Price is per volume.
  55.00 10.00
CVG Compendium-Customs Valuation
This publication assists in the practical application and interpretation of the WTO valuation agreement for all users, customs admistrations, and valuation specialists or importers.
  210.00 29.00
CVGCOM CD-ROM Customs Valuation Compendium
  200.00 25.00
EOM E-learning module CD-Rom
Master the 2007 version of the HS. Understand the relation between Harmonized System users' needs and the amendments. Be familiar with the origin, nature and scope of the amendments.
  280.00 16.00
HSB HSB (HS Nomenclature)

New features in the 2012 version of the HS

The 2012 version is the fifth edition of the HS since the system came into effect in 1988. The HS Nomenclature comprises 220 amendments in response to the need to :

  • Increase the precision of the Nomenclature texts to ensure their uniform application
  • Take account of environmental concerns
  • Tailor the Nomenclature to reflect current trade practices 
    Available in English and French
  120.00 27.00
IND Alphabetical Index (McMullin)
Published by McMullin Publishers. A valuable tool for quicker searches in either The Canadian Tariff, USA Tariff Schedule or The Explanatory Notes....Guaranteed to save you valuable time.
  149.95 35.00
MCG McGoldrick's Canadian Customs Tariff will not be available in 2019
Updates on ongoing free-trade negotiations and other agreements not yet in force.(TPP) Canada-Trans Pacific Partnership, concluded October 5, 2015.(CETA) Canada –European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, concluded October 30, 2016.(CUFTA) Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement, concluded July 11, 2016.. NAFTA RULES OF ORIGIN: Essential to anyone verifying certificates.TEN STEPS TO DETERMINE IF GOODS QUALIFY FOR NAFTA.All CERTIFICATES OF ORIGIN (with instructions on how to complete):NAFTA (US, Mexico), CIFTA (Israel), CCFTA (Chile), CCRFTA (Costa Rica), GPT, LDDC, CARIBCAN, CPFTA (Peru), CEFTA (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein), CCOFTA (Colombia), CJFTA (Jordan), CHFTA (Honduras), CPAFTA (Panama) and CKFTA (Korea).OTHER IMPORTANT FORMS: B3 (Customs Entry), B13A (Export Declaration) , CCI (Canada Customs Invoice), D120 (Canada Customs Bond), E29B (Temporary Admission Permit), and more…List of Canadian and U.S. Brokers (as advertised). Extracts from :Customs Act, Excise Tax Act, Export & Import Permits Act.Import Control List as of December 2016.Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act. Special Import Measures Act (SIMA).SIMA list of goods subject to anti-dumping/countervail duties as of December 2016.Important “D” Series Memoranda (reproduced in abridged form). GST Zero-rated importations and exemption codes.Customs Office Codes by Number and Alphabetical by Region.U.S. Port of Exit Codes.Country Codes (including U.S. States) and Currency Codes.Unit of Measure Codes. Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS).Classification Method for the Harmonized System and Comprehensive Aid to the H.S.Weights and Measures Conversion Tables.
  335.00 35.00

SPECIAL OFFER: Full Pack Bundle Harmonized System 2017
The Pack includes the following publications:

  • HS Classification Handbook - Nomenclature
  • Amendments to the Nomenclature
  • Explanatory Notes - Alphabetical Index
  • Classification Opinions
  • Classification Decisions
  2250.00 49.00


USAB 2019 US Customs Tariff (with binders)
(Harmonized Schedule of the United States). All the Rates of Duty for the year 2019. INCLUDING TWO DELUXE BINDERS: Amendments will be shipped automatically and invoiced, unless advised otherwise.
  195.00 46.00
USANB 2019 US Tariff (no binders)
(Harmonized Schedule of the United States). All the Rates of Duty for the year 2019. Amendments will be shipped automatically and invoiced, unless advised otherwise.
  165.00 44.00